Speed Enforcement Management System: Fits.speed

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Why we created fits.speed?

To save lives.

It is known that road accidents kill 400 times more people than airplane crashes. Safety and security is a paramount goal for transportation.

Speed Enforcement, on the other hand, is typically perceived as a way to profit from drivers and not as to improve road safety. However, Latvia has proven that with a set of coordinated activities and a smart rollout of technological solutions we can achieve significant improvements in road traffic safety. To learn more, read Latvian Speed Enforcement Case Study.

What does fits.speed do?

To serve this purpose we created Fits.speed, where all sensor data is processed with proprietary deep learning computer vision. It processes workflow to detect, segment, classify, recognize and cross-correlate objects for multimedia data (e.g. to determine the class of the offending vehicle and recognize its number plate). As the next step, the specific data workflow is applied to a particular activity (e.g. processing and issuing the speeding ticket, adjusting dynamic road signage readings based on meteorological inference from weather station data etc.) and required data is provided to any relevant agencies (e.g. the police for speed enforcement).

Fits.speed is an integrated, vendor-independent system that offers image-based automatic violation inspection, analysis and overall process control to provide a cost-efficient service to law enforcement (portable, mobile, in-vehicle speed cameras, weigh-in-motion and red-light enforcement), quick data ingestion from all traffic violation sensors, using state-of-the-art Deep Neural Network for machine vision tasks, such as establishing the type, model, class, color, speed, weight etc. of a vehicle.

Who is it designed for?

Fits. system is designed for:

  1. Law Enforcement,
  2. Road and City Administrations,
  3. Public Safety Organizations,
  4. Road Sensor Service Companies,
  5. Manufacturers,
  6. and all other entities who welcome innovations into their cities and are determined to enhance community’s safety.

Where's the catch?

  1. Vendor-independence: single data repository for all data from any sensor.
  2. Multi-modal violation recognition platform.
  3. Low-quality network conditions (e.g. mobile).
  4. SMS or e-mail notifications.

Let's invent.

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