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The Customer

With more than 40 years of experience, A/S Balticovo is the most modern and major egg and egg product (cooked eggs, liquid and dry egg products, mayonnaise) producer in Northern Europe. Moreover, Balticovo is among the top 10 leading egg production farms in the whole of EU. Balticovo focuses on products friendly to human health and is constantly developing by using the most advanced production technologies.

The Challenge

Poultry feed is the largest cost in the egg production process. The ability to predict any possible abnormalities in the total volume of egg production and the factors affecting it can prevent the causes of adverse changes before they occur (e.g. appropriate veterinary intervention).

In addition, the farming industry is affected by matters of animal welfare. Our society is becoming increasingly interested in hen feeding and the use of medication at farms. While modernizing their IT systems, Balticovo saw the possibility to improve their egg production operations and take the well-being of hens to the next level.

The aim of this solution was to create a technological basis for the framework used in the forecasting of egg production and in the early detection of anomalies, identifying the most influential indicators for pre-treatment, using what is called Machine Vision.

The Solution

With that in mind, dots. (previously, SQUALIO cloud consulting) developed and implemented a Microsoft Azure cloud and Artificial Intelligence-based, modular and unified system along with an IT platform for poultry flock management. The core purpose of AIHEN is to use data accumulated from various sensors, such as temperature, humidity, light and video cameras together with Microsoft Azure Cloud to predict the production volume of laid eggs and to use Artificial Intelligence to automatically detect anomalies in the feeding supply; a really tough challenge for human eyes only.

The Result

Microsoft’s cloud-based solution allows Balticovo to achieve a higher level of modernization, better organizational efficiency and closer collaboration between the enterprises. Thus, providing more opportunities for export competitiveness and helping to avoid overproduction in the market. AIHEN helps to monitor the productivity 24/7 and promptly respond to any deviations in the egg production process. It has been predicted to lead to a 2% decrease in the operational costs of Balticovo by the end of 2018.


Thanks to close collaboration between companies, we have gained a valuable resource to monitor the productivity 24/7 and promptly respond to any deviations in the egg production process. Due to the availability, transparency and credibility of historical data, Balticovo is able to further forecast the volume and sales of produced eggs and plan the production in the long-run

Solvita Gulbe

Balticovo Project Manager

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